Top 10 Prepaid Credit Cards UK

So you are looking to buy a prepaid card? But not sure which one to choose? With so many prepaid credit cards in the UK which one is the best based on your circumstances? Plus which prepaid card offers the best rewards with little or no fees attached to the card? By using our prepaid credit cards comparison website. You can compare and save money by getting the prepaid card best for you to use.

MasterCard Prepaid Credit Cards

There is a variety of prepaid credit cards to choose from. Ranging from pay as you go credit cards to pay annual subscription cards to pay a monthly fee to keep costs down. There is also multi-currency cards that allow you to exchange currency only when you need to. Your money stays in sterling currency until you are ready to spend.

Compare Prepaid Credit Card?

There are mainly two branded cards to choose from Prepaid MasterCard or Prepaid Visa, There are over 30 million locations that accept each card. With an estimated 1.2 million ATM machines that accept MasterCard or Visa. Each prepaid account has their own benefit schemes and network so more of a case of which one you prefer MasterCard or a Visa Prepaid Card?

Travel Money Cards and Prepaid Credit Cards the difference?

The main difference between both cards is that a prepaid credit card is mainly used for domestic usage. Charges will be imposed if used overseas. A travel money card is the same but used to pay in another currency. Travel cards will not charge to use or withdraw cash. Travel money cards like prepaid come as Prepaid MasterCard or Visa branded.

Prepaid Credit Card Online

Once you choose the prepaid that you intend to buy. Simply click on the open account and make your way to the application page for the card. Complete the application in full and provide any ID. ID such as passport number which is considered as standard in the industry, KYC (Know Your Customer) is to combat money laundering. Pay for the card application fee if applicable. Once done your new prepaid credit card will be delivered in 5 - 7 days along with pin number separately.

Free Prepaid Credit Card No Monthly Fees?

Adding funds to your prepaid account is simple. You can now top up your prepaid credit card via cash top-ups. Paying by cheque consider clearance time, by BACS or Chaps payment including wage and benefit payments. You can go to over 100,000 locations in the UK ranging from the post office, Payzone, Paypoint, and Epay.

Can I Use a Prepaid card to hire a car?

Yes, you can use a prepaid card to hire a car. Just contact the card holders customer service department of your prepaid card provider and they will add this facility to your account. Note not all prepaid cards companies providers provide this so read T & C.

Buying a prepaid card online
Cashplus prepaid credit card

Weswap Prepaid Credit Card
One Banking Prepaid Credit Card
Tuxedo Prepaid Credit Card

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