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Prepaid cards have become popular in UK and now are a guaranteed option for a basic bank account becoming a serious contender as an option bank account. Prepaid cards are growing in the UK due to the cash back element, reward programs and offers you get with a prepaid credit cards.
A prepaid MasterCard can offer you loads of advantages such as you can monitor and control your spending and use as an alternative for travel money, Prepaid MasterCard or travel money card as they are called offer a safer alternative to taking travel money on holiday.

The 10 Top Pre Paid credit cards can be found in the right hand corner of our website also cash cards broken down by benefits, charges, by MasterCard or Visa Card and by getting a free prepaid credit cards with No initial load making it a free pre-paid credit card.

Cash Cards that have become a popular choice is the Orange Cash card due to its rewards program, Clearcash credit building, Cashplus and Secure Trust Bank which offers a guaranteed bank account with prepaid cards.

Instant Guaranteed Bank Account

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Advantages of using Prepaid Credit Cards

The benefits for a prepaid card varies depending on you buying a Visa or a MasterCard. One of the best ways is to compare what prepayment types are available and looking at dedicated comparison websites such as ours could save you money.

There are now a number of prepaid cards available in the market place. Most have an application fee of up to £10, but some are free, and there is generally no monthly fee or charge to be paid.

Debt cards can be topped up in any number of ways including a pre agreed direct debit per month, by visiting the Post Office or other Bank, via an ATM or over the phone or on the internet. It is also possible to have your employer pay part of your wages directly into your account. Also, like traditional credit cards, it is possible to have more than one account user so the same balance can be accessed via family or friends.

The concept behind a prepaid credit card is that there is no pre-agreed credit limit against which you charge your spending. Instead, you acquire a card and deposit a sum of money on to the account so that it is a fixed balance until you use to make prepayments, then it will diminish your account balance. So, as you spend more money on your account, the balance reduces to nothing. If the card is stolen or lost, the maximum amount that is stolen is the unused balance available on the card and no more. Therefore, by charging your account with relatively small amounts, the risk due to fraud or misuse is significantly reduced. Visa Prepayments are perfect for consumers that are bankrupt, going in to bankruptcy or just have a bad credit rating and require a ATM's cash dispensing facility which allows you to make payments or withdraw cash from ATM's even if you suffer from bad credit.

There is a charge levied for topping up the prepay account and this ranges from nothing at an ATM to a small transaction fee at a bank counter.
The real costs are incurred when you use the product, a percentage (or fixed amount dependent on the transaction size) is charged per transaction. These vary by issuer and range from £1 fixed to 3% of the actual transaction amount.
Same goes for drawing cash from an ATM, a charge is levied ranging from 50 pence to 3% dependent upon brand.

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No Credit Checks getting Pre-paid Card

A prepaid card is a effective spending solution. You can never spend more than you can load on the card. Due to this feature card providers therefore offer no credit checks and budgeting tools to stay in control of your spending.

Travel money cards save you money

Travel money cards ideal for using on holiday, reduce the risk of losing cash or using expensive a credit card. You get a better exchange rate as you are buying your currency in advance with no or few charge options.

Easy to use card comparison site

Our prepaid card comparison website offers a simple tabular layout comparing the main features of each prepaid credit cards along with fees and charges associated with each prepaid card available on the UK market.

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