Prepaid Card Accounts With A Monthly Fee

  • Application Fees
  • Transaction Fees
  • Monthly Fees
  • ATM Charges
  • Topup Fees
£1.00 - £2.25
Free - 3%

Pockit Pay Monthly Account is monthly subscription Prepaid MasterCard Pockit Pay Monthly Card Review

cashplus prepaid card
No Transaction Fees
Fee free for 3mths then £4.95
Fee free for 3mths then £0.99

Cashplus Activeplus Card is a Monthly Subscription Gold Prepaid MasterCard. Cashplus Activeplus Card Review

Card One Banking MasterCard
Free subject to £12.50 load
UK = £1.00 - Overseas = £3.00
None to max £2.00

Card One Banking Account is a guaranteed bank account Card One Banking Account Review

Free & unlimited
£0.50 in UK - £2.25 abroad
Free up to 3%

Tuxedo Active Pay Monthly Account is subject to T & C's including applicant providing acceptable ID, being a resident in the UK & aged 18 years+. Prepaid Card & usage fees apply. Tuxedo prepaid card Review

£0.50 UK - £1.50 overseas
Free (apart cheque's are min £4.50)

Clearcash Account is an alternative to a bank account and is subject to T & C's including applicant providing acceptable ID, being a UK resident & aged 18 years+. Prepaid Card & usage fees apply. Clearcash prepaid card Review

cashplus prepaid card
Free - £3.00

Cashplus Deluxe Account is subject to terms and conditions including applicant providing acceptable ID, being a resident in the UK & aged 18 years+. Prepaid Card & usage fees apply. Cashplus Deluxe Account Review

prepaid-account-types : Pay Monthly

Prepaid credit cards companies that charge you a set monthly fee which is also known as pay monthly tariff

The importance of Prepaid credit card comparison

A Prepaid credit card is a plastic card, which has an in-built magnetic tape housing all the monetary details of the user in it. You can use it to buy products and services with our the need of a credit facility, where you can only spend up to the amount of cash you loaded on to the card. The prepaid card is issued by a bank and a provider where it pays for the transactions that the user has done. The user never has to pay back any monthly installments and there are no charges for interest as the amount loaded on to your account is interest free.

A prepaid credit card is thus an extremely useful device if used properly. It is however, important to do a thorough research on various prepaid credit cards issuing companies before settling on one. Our prepaid credit cards comparison will ensure that you do not face any financial trouble later on.

There are many companies offering a number of prepaid credit cards, all with different combinations of terms, offer and incentives. It’s important to take the time to compare prepaid credit cards carefully before you actually apply for one. Make a list of your financial priorities, which will help you to decide on what prepaid credit card to buy.

The first important step in deciding, which prepaid credit card, to buy is in deciding what you want from the prepaid card and how and where you are going to use it. All prepaid cards offer a plethora of ongoing charges when you use the card, and if you opt for additional services some come with charges, some prepaid credit cards offer bonus items like cash back, discounts on calls, or air miles. Your choice should be the one that gives you the maximum advantage where you most need it.

Suppose you know that you are going to use your prepaid credit card on a regular basis then it would be best to compare the prepaid cards that offer set fees and charges so you can you’re your charges to a minimum and in most cases with prepaid cards that charge a monthly fee there are additional benefits that go with your card.

A prepaid credit card may get you free air miles or give you discounts on flights or transactional charges which are imposed when you pay online, for example the Ryanair prepaid card does not charge you when you use a prepaid MasterCard as a payment source online. Which prepaid credit cards offers anything free? Check whether getting the prepaid card can help with your credit rating or give you discounts on selected purchases you make on a regular basis.

If you have just begun your career and are not earning much, go for a standard pay as you go credit card. Pay monthly cards require you to pay a set fee per month. If you making more than 5 to 6 purchases per month then the pay monthly prepaid cards will work out cheaper for you long term plus there are always alternatives to switch back to a pay as you go if you intend not to use your card for long periods.

You can do prepaid credit card comparison on our financial comparison website. Our website make it possible for you to compare prepaid credit cards by categories like pay as you go, prepaid travel cards or free prepaid cards etc. Our websites can help you by listing all the best-prepaid credit cards on offers, and they also provide independent advice and information.

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