Tuxedo Prepaid Credit Card

Published on 9 October 2012 by James Tarrier
Tuxedo Prepaid Credit Card

Tuxedo Prepaid Credit Card

The Tuxedo Prepaid Credit Card looks like a credit or debit card. You can use it for many of the same things such as withdrawing cash and shopping in store and online. It’s a great way to manage your money too, as you can’t spend more than you top up or load – you only spend what you load. There is no overdraft facility.

Tuxedo Prepaid Card –

Tuxedo Prepaid Credit Card

Tuxedo Money Prepaid MasterCard is like a top-up as you go phone which you can manage your money by using Tuxedo e-ccount Prepaid MasterCard .

With your Tuxedo e-ccount and your own personalised Prepaid MasterCard or Maestro Card, it’s so much easier to manage your money. You can even have additional Tuxedo money Cards added to your e ccount to share with a friend or relatives.

Whether you’re shopping online, sharing money with friends and family in the UK or abroad, or paying bills, it’s simpler with the Tuxedo Prepaid Card . It’s a far more discreet and secure alternative to carrying cash!

  • No bank account required
  • No credit checks
  • Use in millions of locations worldwide including ATMs
  • Pay bills, spend in-store, shop online and withdraw cash from ATMs
  • Receive wages or salary directly onto your Card

You can Top-up at over 35,000 locations, online or by bank transfer and you can even get your salary or wages paid directly into your Tuxedo Money e-ccount.

As your Tuxedo Money Card is loaded with the money you need, you have the reassurance that you cannot overspend. You can even get your e-ccount and Card balances instantly by telephone, text or online, 24 hours a day.

When you need to withdraw cash, just look for the nearest ATM with the MasterCard or Maestro acceptance mark in the UK and worldwide.

When is my money available?

Cash paid in at:

  • PayPoint: available instantly
  • Barclay’s Bank: available within 4 working days
  • Post Office ® : available within 2 working days

Loading by:

Credit card / debit card load*: available within 2 working days

Bank Transfer: Please check with your bank

Tuxedo MasterCard Prepay Card and the Tuxedo Maestro ® Prepaid Card are issued by Newcastle Building Society pursuant to license by MasterCard ® International Incorporated or its Affiliates. Newcastle Building Society is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority

Tuxedo Prepaid Card Fees and Charges

Card Application Fee
Annual Account Maintenance Fee
£4.95 (first year in advance)
Internet Registration
Call Centre Registration
Monthly Management Fee
Merchant Transaction Fee
Online gambling and betting transactions
1% surcharge
ATM Cash Withdrawal and cash back
(For withdrawals over £50 an additional 2% surcharge will apply)
Cash withdrawals in excess of £600 per yr, single debit
transactions of £600 and total annual spend above £1,600
may be subject to identity verification (see 3.4).
Top up – Post Office® / PayPoint
30p per £10
Top up – Credit / Debit cards
2.5% (subject to min £1.50 fee. Minimum top up £20. Maximum top up £500/day)
Top up – Cheque
Top up at other 360money network locations
Fees vary by retail outlet
Wage and Bank Transfers
Maximum daily ATM cash withdrawal £250 (some ATM’s may have lower limits).
Minimum load amount £10.
Maximum cash or credit/debit card load amount £500.
Maximum wage/bank transfer amount £3,500.
Maximum card balance at any one time £3,500.
Maximum household card balance £4,500.
Phone Balance Inquiry
Internet Balance Inquiry
Paper Statement
On-line Statement
Foreign Exchange Fee for ATM withdrawals
2.5% surcharge
Foreign Exchange Fee for Merchant Transactions
1% surcharge
Forgotten PIN
Replacement / Additional card
Processing fee for postal identity check
General customer service calls
£1.00 / minute
Card Cancellation and Redemption Fee
£5.00 + 1%
Card is valid for 24 months from date of application. Replacement card or refund is available for up to 12 months after expiry of the card. Replacement card fee or refund fee may apply.

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